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Altantis Redeemed (2000)

by Alyssa Day(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 3
1616640510 (ISBN13: 9781616640514)
Warriors of Poseidon
review 1: Crazy! Brennan was cursed by Poseidon to never feel emotion. Once he found his soul mate, he would get them back. The catch, once he met her and let her out of his sight he would forget her. Not to mention that once he loved her, she was cursed to die. We met Tiernan back a few books ago but we didn't know the extent of the relationship. Once Brennan was back with her, he spills the story but she doesn't really want to be involved with someone who won't remember her. Before anything final can be resolved though, they are captured and things get REALLY bad. I think this is one of my favorites in the series.
review 2: The Atlantis myth has always intrigued me, so naturally I could not resist picking up Atlantis Rising, the first book in the Warriors of Poseidon s
... moreeries, a few years ago. It turned out to be one of those enjoyable series with lots of handsome warriors with mysterious gifts. Although Alyssa Day's Warriors of Poseidon series is not one of my 'must catch up, must pre-order' series, it is one that I like a lot. After all there is a lot to like about the supernatural world Alyssa Day has created. The Warriors of Poseidon live in Atlantis, which was hidden away while the warriors continued to protect mankind. Their warriors creed says it all: "We will wait. And watch. And protect. And serve as first warning on the eve of humanity's destruction. Then, and only then, Atlantis will rise. For we are the Warriors of Poseidon, and the mark of the Trident we bear serves as witness to our sacred duty to safeguard mankind." That time has come. With evil vampires out for world domination the shapeshifters, Fae and humans need to work together to survive. The warriors of Poseidon would be a huge help, but the enemy is aware of that and willing to do anything to prevent Atlantis from rising...Atlantis Redeemed is exciting and full of action. The danger was really coming through and had me sitting on the edge of my seat! As far as the romance is concerned, I really believe Brennan and Tiernan are a great match. The warrior cursed by his God to experience no feelings has always been a character I wanted to get to know better. I was therefore looking forward to Atlantis Redeemed. Tiernan is a great character and with her gift of truth telling, the perfect woman for a cursed warrior like Brennan. I really wanted them to be together. I like Alyssa Day's characters, so it is wonderful to have so many of the characters I have grown to love be a part of other books in the series as well. Alexios and Grace play an important role in Atlantis Redeemed for instance, but Conlan and Riley also make an appearance with their young son. Spoiler alertWhat did not work for me was the curse itself. Poseidon makes Brennan pay for behaviour that I would consider fairly typical in a boy his age as well as for the suicide of the woman who was carrying his child, although she did not inform Brennan of her pregnancy. Taking that into account how on earth could Brennan be held responsible for her actions? Under these circumstances the curse is excessive to say the least. Had the curse not included his soul mate I might have been able to get passed this to me illogical part of the story, but the fact that she became part of the extremely undeserving punishment by his God was more than I was willing to take. Consequently I am not prepared to give Atlantis Redeemed four stars, as I otherwise might have done. Here's hoping that Atlantis Betrayed will make more sense... less
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Recently started Alyssa's warriors So i am collecting, before i start to read :0
These books get better and better with each one!!
Not one of the best of the series!
4.5 Stars
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