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Mommy's Little Girl (2009)

by Diane Fanning(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 2
0312365144 (ISBN13: 9780312365141)
St. Martin's True Crime
review 1: Fairly good book about this case....it was written before the trial so thats where it ends just before she goes to court. I dont know how anyone can read these books on Casey and not know shes guilty. She is so ridiculous and just full of lies and deceit. As you read this you just want to scream about the month her daughter was missing and the fact she was at parties and getting tattoos and stealing money from her friends. She is an insane woman who got away with murder. And her parents why they didnt step in sooner and save their grandchild from this sociopath is ridiculous. This poor baby spent months sleeping on floors of her mothers boyfriends and friends homes....no stable life not being truely cared for. This book will make you very emotional sad to furious to... more heartbroken to so full of anger... this poor little girl had no justice.
review 2: This book was interesting. I am into true crime, so these types of books are a no-brainer for me. The author basically tells the story of Caylee Anthony and Casey Anthony from Casey's high-school days to her acquittal of the first degree murder of her daughter. The book was not well written and I did not expect it to be. It was a straight forward account of a story and media circus that most of us followed until the bitter end. Casey is very lucky to be free physically. I wonder how she is mentally. If she is truly a sociopath, then she is probably happy and un-remorseful in regards to the murder of her daughter. less
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Defintely helped spell out what happened. Thank you for this.
true crime always interests me! its drama to the fullest!
America's Sweetheart!
loved it
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