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The Freedom Summer Murders (2014)

by Don Mitchell(Favorite Author)
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0545477255 (ISBN13: 9780545477253)
Scholastic Press
review 1: I love well written young adult nonfiction, and I wish it had more respect amongst my history teacher colleagues. A work like this one, could persuade many to embrace age appropriate writing. Incredibly timely look at the lack of respect for the death of black men in America, "black men are killed every month in Mississippi, but the fact that two white boys got killed with this one is the only reason it made the news." The details of how the police department and state legal system actually conspired to murder these three young men might help many a modern reader understand why police brutality and distrust is a fact of modern life. I read warriors don't cry earlier this year, and think this book should replace that one in high school curriculum. Although wdc gives readers... more the "high school experience" to connect with, this book explores the larger system injustice that needs to be understood.
review 2: The Freedom Summer Murders briefly outlines the turbulent 1960's U.S. civil rights movement in the Deep South. s. This book highlights the horrific murder of 3 civil rights workers by the local Ku Klux Klan. The story of the three young men murdered in this story inspired the movie "Mississippi Burning" as well as other documentary films and book. Sadly, it was somewhat disjointed and the author failed to capture my complete attention and empathy for the victims. The first couple of chapters read like a poor sixth-grade history report(sorry sixth graders), and slowly built interest in a tragic story too important not to be told well. less
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Poignant, clearly-written, and important - hard to believe this was only fifty years ago.
Hard topic. I did see Mississippi Burning when it came out.
An engrossing read. I learned stuff.
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