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A Winter Wonderland (2012)

by Fern Michaels(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 4
1420121448 (ISBN13: 9781420121445)
review 1: This book was just ok overall. It consisted of 4 stories, and while each did improve over the last one, as a whole, I wouldn't recommend anyone read the entire book. In my opinion the last story, by Kristina McMorris, was the only real good one. I may be biased because I've read her other books and loved them, while I haven't read anything by the other contributing authors. But the stories in this book didn't excite me enough to seek out works by the others.
review 2: So far I only read The Christmas Thief because I have been reading the Lucy Stone series. This one had one of Lucys children, Elizabeth as the main character so that was a nice change. Since it was so short, I could not really assess the rating--100pgs but I did like it. I liked seeing how Lucy
... mores most defiant daughter grew up and moved away. Of course mom was thought to come to the rescue but Lucy did NOT do any investigating like usual. I like Miss Tiley & she was the surprise. I could not give it a higher rating because it was short, predictable and no detective work was really done by ANY Stone!! less
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Read the first short story and couldn't get into any of the others....
Tree stories, good read.
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