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The Traitor (2014)

by Grace Burrowes(Favorite Author)
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Sourcebooks Casablanca
Captive Hearts
review 1: Born of a French mother and an English nobleman father, Sebastian St. Clair was caught in France at the beginning of hostilities there facing either becoming an English captive or joining the French army and fighting against his homeland. He becomes the despised Girard, torturer extrardinaire, who was charged with gathering information from captured English officers found "out of uniform." Now that he's back in London with his great-aunt at the family seat, all he's finding is former officers challenging him to a duel because of their treatment at his hands in France. Into this scenario comes Millicent Danforth who becomes companion to St. Clair's aunt and catches his eye in the bargain. As their relationship grows and St. Clair comes to learn Milly's secrets and she h... moreis, the duels continue with the outcomes becoming more uncertain. Will Milly's love for him be enough to help St. Clair survive one last duel?As always, the characters are finely drawn; wars' effects were clearly demonstrated and the secondary characters were very interesting too. From Aunt Freddy to her professor, from St. Clair's second-in-command in France and maybe best friend, Michel, and even Milly's erstwhile family members, they all provide additional information and color for the story. Indeed, St. Clair's sympathy for Milly's reading problems were very surprising given the times.
review 2: The Traitor by Grace Burrowes is the second book in her Captive Hearts trilogy. Sebastian, Baron St. Clair, is half French; half English. When he was a boy, he was left in France with his mother and was forced into the French army when Napolean came to power. He was forced to make choices that helped him to survive. He tortured many English officers who were found out of uniform behind enemy lines. But not one of those officers died at his hands. But someone wants Sebastian dead as evidenced by the many duels he is challenged to by some of these same officers. He refuses to kill any of them and only one, the Duke of Mercia (the hero in book one The Captive) refuses to duel even though he challenged the baron. Millicent Danforth becomes the companion to the aunt of the Traitor Baron as St Clair is being called. She loves taking care of the older Baroness who is nothing but kindness to the younger woman. As Milly comes to know (and love) Sebastian, he discovers things about her that she has not told anyone; not even Lady Freddy. Millicents' cousin, with whom she had lived and was treated terribly while living with him; shows up one morning and orders Milly to return home with him. Alcorn, her cousin, informs everyone who will listen that Millicent has 'limitations'. Which turns out that she can barely read (the letters get jumbled)and can barely write her name. Sebastian and Milly marry and he is challenged to yet another duel but neglects to tell her. When Milly receives a letter from her cousin informing her of this challenge she rushes to stop the duel; arriving in time to see her husband being pummeled by a very large Scotsman. She somehow manages to stop the fight and even though she is very angry at the Baron for not telling her; she still loves him.There is a plot to blame Sebastian for the death of a very popular and high ranking English military commander. I will be honest, it took me a while to get into this story. I did not like Sebastian (or Girard as he was called) in The Captive and could not for the life of me figure how he could be redeemed enough to be the hero in this book. But he was redeemed and by the end of the book, I thoroughly liked him. I liked Millicent from the first and somehow knew she would be perfect for this unhappy man. Next book is The Laird with Michael Brodie, Sebastians' friend and ally as the hero. less
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I was particularly impressed with her recognition that spousal abuse will also cause PSTD.
Excellent read. Lots of complications and a nasty villain who doesn't interrupt too much.
The second in Burrowes' latest series is just as wonderful as the first.
Heart touched.
Decent book.
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