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Big Words For Little People (2008)

by Jamie Lee Curtis(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 1
0061127590 (ISBN13: 9780061127595)
review 1: Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell continue to offer darling books with deep meaning. Their latest, BIG WORDS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE, is yet another enjoyable installment. Although the phrasing is a little strained at times--to fit in some rhymes--the choice and explanation of each "big" word is nicely done. Cornell's trademark style once again illustrates the pages with sweet cacophony. In her drawings, she somehow manages to have a lot happening without overwhelming the senses.I highly recommend this book for children with burgeoning vocabularies.
review 2: Title: Big Words for Little PeopleAuthor: Jamie Lee CurtisIllustrator: Laura CornellPublisher: HarperCollinsDate: September 2008Genre: Vocabulary/InformativeStrength/Aspect of Special Interest: When looking at
... morea word, sometimes students feel intimidated by the length. This book encourages students to use these “big words” that adults use and helps them understand the meaning as well. less
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It was interesting enough for a two year old to ask what the words mean. She said it gets 20 stars!
Actually 3.75 stars. I liked it a lot, just didn't love it.
I enjoyed this easy introduction to new vocabulary.
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