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Scalped, Vol. 8: You Gotta Sin To Get Saved (2011)

by Jason Aaron(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 4
1401232884 (ISBN13: 9781401232887)
review 1: A few long-standing plot threads are (more or less) tied up in Volume 8 of Scalped, but first a couple of "prelude" type chapters: in the first, minor recurring character and grade-A shit-talker Sheriff Karnow finally has to live up to his outsized reputation, and his failure sets him up to be, perhaps, a major factor in the saga later. Then we catch up to Federal Agent Nitz in the middle of a crisis.After that, the central story here begins. Red Crow faces a serious challenge to his tribal leadership, Dash rises in the ranks and has to finally decide which side he's on, Gina's killer toys with Officer Falls Down, and all manner of hell breaks loose at the end.This was a particularly satisfying volume, since so many things that have been simmering for so long finally boile... mored over. As things have progressed, Lincoln Red Crow's so-called villainy has been stripped away to reveal the... well, tragic hero underneath. He's accepted that his actions have earned him a place in Hell, but in his view it's all for the greater good of the Rez. He really is a fascinating character.
review 2: This volume of Scalped was just as astonishing as the earlier installments in the series. I am getting the feeling that once this saga comes to an end, it will rank with Sandman, Watchmen, and Joe Kelly's run on Deadpool as one of the greatest comic book works of all time. This volume is much more plot-driven than the issues featured in the previous installment. The story is advancing toward its inevitably bloody conclusion with all of the suspense and tension of a Sam Peckinpah film. At the same time, none of the character development, tone, and atmosphere that have become a hallmark of the series are sacrificed. I would highly recommend this book (but read the first seven trades first, you are in for a dark but tasty treat). less
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A quick correction: the actual title to Volume 8 is "You Gotta Sin to Get Saved".
Fantastic series building to what looks like an explosive conclusion.
Aaron & Guéra continue to deliver.
So good I can't deal with it.
Easily, Vertigo's best book.
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