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His Darkest Embrace (2010)

by Juliana Stone(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 1
0061808806 (ISBN13: 9780061808807)
Jaguar Warriors
review 1: I'm ashamed to say I didn't much cared how it was going to end. It was dark, forceful and way too complicated for my tastes. I'm thinking it may be enjoyable for some people because I did enjoy some parts of it like the romance for example. It was complex but which real relationship isn't? The main plot however felt rushed and had too much information for just one novel. The author tried to balance so many aspects at the same time and I gotta say for me some of them were just taking space for those parts that actually were important for the development of the plot. I kind of wanted this novel to be the end of the story because I honestly don't have any kind of interest in reading the next book if it's like this one. My curiosity isn't enough to force me to read ... moremore.
review 2: Um, well...I can see why a lot of people are annoyed by this book.It's completely unsatisfactory. Event's are left unresolved, there is a major lack of connection between h/h, and was it just my imagination or was Jagger's past a big non-event - I'm still not entirely sure who the heck Eden was and why Jagger still agonises over her death. The up and down relationship between Jagger and Skye was really annoying. Even if a book is awful, I'm usually still able to appreciate the love scenes but even these let me down and left me totally cold. I have to admit I had to skim VERY LARGE amounts of this because it just bored me to death. To be honest, I just wanted it to end. less
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I'm really liking this series and i can't wait to read the third one :)
Loved this book and can't wait for the next one.
Another great book by Juliana. Read it!
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