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Down River (2010)

by Karen Harper(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 5
0778327477 (ISBN13: 9780778327479)
review 1: An easy read. It is a romance/suspense book set in Alaska. For me this book seemed to have too many things going on--it was unbelievable that all those things could happen to basically one person and the police don't believe a crime is being committed. There is a little romance that goes on between the two main characters, but little is the key word. The beginning of the book describes how the two were engaged in FL and then broke up. Both were high powered attorneys. He gives up the life to go to Alaska and run a lodge, she stays in FL. Now they are together so the owners of the law firm can determine who will be the new senior partner. So along with the owners comes 3 attorneys to the lodge for some 'games'.
review 2: This is my third Karen Harper book and p
... morerobably my last. The plot was a drag until the last 50 pages or so then it lived up to the thriller tag.Lisa is an driven, upward climbing lawyer with a shot at making partner at a firm in Florida. The boss is taking the three top contenders and his wife on a trip to an Alaskan lodge owned by Mitch, the fiancée who dumped Lisa, and his partnership in the firm, a year age to go live in Alaska.Lots of unresolved issues between Lisa and Mitch that keep getting back burnered because someone is out to kill Lisa and Mitch must save her like a good hero. No sex in this book, not even any to qualify as a cozy. What a drag. less
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Plot utterly predictable. Mind candy strong on adventure, weak on sweet.
I wasn't able to finish it. Just didn't grab me.
What a rush! Pun intended ...
Nice book, highly recommended
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