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Beholding Bee (2013)

by Kimberly Newton Fusco(Favorite Author)
4.01 of 5 Votes: 4
0375868364 (ISBN13: 9780375868368)
Knopf Books for Young Readers
review 1: Bee's mother and father die in a traffic accident when she is four, and a traveling circus picks her up because she has a huge diamond birthmark on her face. While she grows up in the circus she learns to read, write, and cook all because a girl named Pauline takes her under her wing. However, when Pauline leaves the circus, so does Bee. She is alone in the world for the first time until she comes upon 2 strange ladies who she can only see. She lives in a house that is supposed to be abandoned but starts to cope when she meets another girl Ruth Ellen who has a leg disability. Ruth has to find her place in the world and find out more about her past. I loved the beginning of the book & the end. The middle sort of dragged on.
review 2: Excellent read, defin
... moreite addition to school library collection. Brings up issues of bullying, alternative family life, the role of imaginary friends, and coping mechanisms children find to survive in an often harsh world. When her circus family breaks apart, Bee runs away, finds a house to live in that seems to be waiting for her, inhabited by two very old historical women who only she can see. Bee decides she needs to go to school, and is placed in the special needs class just because she has a birthmark on her face which makes her extremely shy and unable to talk. She calms everyone by reading to them (Heidi!) and is befriended by a polio-crippled girl her age, and the girl's mother. Bullying cpntinues at school, but Bee gets gradually stronger and eventually reconnects with the young woman who left her at the circus, who is now pregnant. TUrns out Bee is actually the heir to the house, and they end up having a home and family after all. less
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A heart-warming tale of 12-year-old Bee discovering her inner strength and who she really is.
Loved this book. I read it to my daughters (7 and 9) and they loved it too.
This sounds potentially lovely. I hope it lives up to the synopsis.
historical fantasy?
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