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The Indigo Notebook (2009)

by Laura Resau(Favorite Author)
3.9 of 5 Votes: 5
0385736525 (ISBN13: 9780385736527)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
review 1: I loved this book. I spent 6 months in Ecuador in the past (as an English teacher!) and the book felt familiar to me in many ways. I was touched by the topic of adoption woven into the story especially knowing the author's own experiences with it. And while this is a novel, fiction, I feel like the Resau really bared her heart in the story.The only thing I didn't love was one line. When Zeeta said she was happy that Wendel chose her. While I may have thought something similar at 15, I hope my own daughters never think of themselves as something for a guy to choose. A couple should decide together to be together, if any young ladies are reading this--you don't need to be chosen by a guy. You have the power to decide who you are with, and any guy who doesn't want to be with ... moreyou, is not worth it.
review 2: I lived in 4 countries on 4 continents growing up so I was attracted to this book, although 15 year old Zeeta has me beat by a mile, several miles actually---one country every year! Her mother Layla is a nomadic free-spirit who is on a constant quest for enlightenment of a sort. She lives in the now and has a series of artistic-surfer-beach bum-type boyfriends. As is natural for most teenagers, Zeeta longs for the life she does not have--which would be a safe and stable environment with all the modern amenities and a caring and stable father. We find out that really, Zeeta is the grown-up and Layla, the child. Layla has found another job teaching English in Ecuador. On the plane, they meet 2 fellow passengers who will alter their current life---an older, golf-loving American business man, Jeff, and an Ecuadorian-born teen, Wendell, who is on a quest for his birth parents. He was adopted as an infant to an American couple. Another life-altering experience is Layla's near-drowning in a local lake. She is so shaken that she promises Zeeta that she will change her ways and become the regular mother Zeeta has always wanted. But she has had near-death experiences before and has always gone back to her old self once her fright is over. But Layla seems to really change this time around. Is this what Zeeta really wants after all? On his side, Wendell has developed the gift of seeing in the future in a sense. He can sense when something bad is going to happen. He is frightened by this gift. Will he find his birth parents and will they be able to help him with this gift that he inherited from them? The title "The Indigo Notebook" refers to the journals that Zeeta has kept since she was 8 years old--a different color for every country. Ecuador is indigo. By the way, kudos to reader Justine Eyre's excellent accents! less
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Since I had read the 2nd book first, it was good to get the back story.
An amazing book.
It is great
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