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The Clockwork Wolf (2014)

by Lynn Viehl(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 5
1476722374 (ISBN13: 9781476722375)
Pocket Books
Disenchanted & Co.
review 1: (Warning! This review contains spoilers if you haven't read "Disenchanted & Co.".)When man and machine meld in the modern age, that's a good thing: artificial hearts, bionic limbs, etc. But Lynn Viehl's "The Clockwork Wolf" takes place in a steampunk America. When man and machine (clockwork) meld in this reality, good doesn't usually come of it. Especially if the melded man morphs into a wolf.As the proprietor of Disenchanted & Co., Charmian "Kit" Kittredge reluctantly agrees to take on a new client as a favor to Lucien Dredmore. Said client is a newly widowed woman who once did all she could to destroy Kit's life. The dear lady must be beyond desperate to call on her help. Yup, she's desperate all right. Lady Eugenia Bestly wants to prevent a front-page news item from bei... moreng printed. In this society, having your recently deceased husband revealed in the press as the murderous "Wolfman," puts a crimp in your social calendar. And finding out there's another and yet another, and maybe even a third or fourth wolfman on the loose wrecks everyone's social calendar.Merely contending with mechanized monsters rampaging across the city isn't enough to keep Kit occupied. She has to deal with assassins of both the flesh and clockwork varieties who want her dead. A working gal trying to keep food on the table just can't catch a break!The good intentions of Dredmore and Chief Inspector Tom Doyle to help protect Kit only hamper her efforts. What she really needs help with is uncovering the source of the magic at work here. She does learn that the wolfmen have a hideous agenda beyond murder. But are these toothy creatures mechanical monsters by choice? Or by someone else's design? And is the fact that someone hired hit men and hit machines to kill her related to this mayhem? It's enough to give a magical crime solver one whopper of a headache. (And there's no Advil in this reality.)The answers to all these questions involve forces so ancient and so deadly they may be too strong for even Kit with all her dispelling resources. And before she knows it, the streets may be littered with the slashed remains of yet another dead body. Her own.
review 2: Good quotes:"Will you be needing your driver back?""Yes." He have me one of his brooding looks. "But not with your grandfather in him."Pg 163I couldn't take my eyes off her wig, the whitened curls of which had been fashioned into the shape of a swan. A real swan's head sprang from the powdered nest and bobbed regally with every step she took. "Is that a bird on her head?" I murmured to the nobber as I watched her closing the gap between us. "Aye," he muttered back as he surreptitiously straightened the line of his sleeves by tugging on the cuffs. "It matches her brains."Pg 170" I have heard so much about you, and none of it was exaggerated in the least. You are a scintillating vision."" I try never to scintillate before tea, sir. It makes me quesy."Pg 317 less
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I really like the characters of Kit and Lucien, but I just didn't love this story very much.
Review soon... Was a 4 star, but the ending made me grizzly so it's a 3.5 instead!
Better than the last book.
an entertaining read
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