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New Girl (2012)

by Paige Harbison(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 4
0373210426 (ISBN13: 9780373210428)
review 1: At first this book is just like a ordinary book with a girl going to a boarding school but then there is a mystery there and the book take part with two peoples point of view the one of the new girl and the girl of the mystery. As you go through the book the mystery is unravelled and there is a a lot of drama and love in this book. It is great read there are twists and turns all the way through and there are a lot of emotions that you and the character go through. This is a good short read and I could not put this book down. A great read for anyone.
review 2: i thought this book was a amazing i really liked it because it had romance and mystery and i cant believe rebecca is dead and she was pregnat as well and the whole thing with max and how she made it up and
... more she blackmailed him and said horrible things to his parents about him hpow he did drugs and things but when she was the one who started the whole the parties everything and how she made everyone made think he was madley in love with her but he was not and how she boyught her self a braclet that was ment to be from max but she bought it for here self and had alwAYS FOREVER ON THE BACK of it that is messed up and i think she issues because ofd all she did and she wanted people to believe she was someone else when she was not and aslo how at the end at thew funeral and how upset she was and how she wished she could have spent more time with her and how her mum was pregnat with a baby and she did not tell her husband it yet because she thought she was triing to replace rebbeca with someone else and dana how she thought it was all her fault and how becca was horrible to her and thinking she was pritteyer then she was at halloween and but lots of warts in her face to try and make her look ugly but that did not make a difference at all less
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love the contrast between the first and third person chapters was a really interesting read
This sounds so good... but I hope it won't ruin Rebecca for me.
really really good book. would recommend!
Interesting book.
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