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MWF Seeking BFF: My Yearlong Search For A New Best Friend (2011)

by Rachel Bertsche(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 5
0345524942 (ISBN13: 9780345524942)
Ballantine Books
review 1: I enjoyed the book based on a few things. I live in Indiana not far from Chicago so it was good to be able to read something that takes place in a local setting for me. I have been (and still am) on a very similar "Find my BFF" search for a while, even before learning about this book, so to read it while I'm in the process of also looking for my bosom buddy, was refreshing. I have already tried many of the avenues that she tried, and many of them with no success, but the funny thing is now that this book is a few years old, even though she speaks about Facebook quite a bit, back then I don't think Facebook groups existed or they were not very well known. Now there are all kinds of groups on Facebook and I am a part of a few of them where we get together for lunch or br... moreunch and meet others who are also looking for a BFF. You can even start your own Facebook group where it's set up for a specific age group so that you don't need to worry about finding someone who is 20 years older than you or 10 years younger! It's a great alternative instead of trying to go to meetups where you have no control over what age group you'll be having dinner with or having to dine with 15 other people where it's just so chaotic that you never want to experience that again. You can set up your own events the way you want on a Facebook group, not like a meetup where you're not in control of the situation! AND the best part of that is it's FREE!!
review 2: I waited to read this until I was in a similar situation as the author: having just moved to a new city, I'm in the (somewhat) familiar role of MWF (married white female) seeking BFF (best friend forever). Okay, I know better than to assume I'll find a BFF after only one year, as the author did (I have done this a few times already!), but the process to finding friends is pretty basic, and Rachel explores some of the classic techniques: being set up by other friends, joining new activities or clubs, introducing yourself to friendly strangers, just generally being "out there" and open to meeting and speaking to new people. It's not always easy, even if the techniques are simple: it gets tiring to always be "on stage," so to speak, and making friends is a lot like dating, which most people are happy to put behind them once they find their significant other. I was most interested in Rachel's actual "friend dates," of which she had 52 in one year, although she plumped up the narrative with research studies and articles about the importance of friends, making friends and keeping friends. Most of the research was already familiar to me, or made general sense based on my own experiences, but going through the process again, in my 50s, reminds me of just how much effort it takes to find people you can call friends. I know it's something I need to do - long distance friends just aren't enough, ask me how I know! - but this book reminded me that it's a long journey, even if mainly rewarding at the end. Recommended for those interested in learning about friendship, or looking to make new friends themselves. less
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Really great and easy read. Adds comedy to friendships and the friendship making process.
Loved it! It's definitely harder to make friends as an adult.
Just finished this book and LOVED IT!
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