Belvedere and Parish Church

Belvedere and Parish Church. (Click on the photo for added detail.)

It may not be my first post of the year, but this is actually my first photo of the year. I woke up rather early on New Year’s, so decided to celebrate its arrival with a walk around the neighbourhood, with my camera backpack. It was a particularly crisp morning, with the sun dawning bright and warm in an almost cloudless sky. There was also rather more dew than usual, giving the ground and most surfaces that diffuse reflectance. I liked the way the light was looking on the buildings, so I headed over to the parish church to re-shoot a view I have done before.

I had taken this view the first time on film, some 17 years ago (I’ll need to dig through my file of negatives to be sure). In fact, a print of that hangs in our entrance stairway at home. I had shared that photo on this blog before, but I suppose it won’t hurt to include it again here. I had also tried to re-take this shot before but was never quite happy with the result. Finally I have something that I definitely prefer over the original version. Though I must say there is something about that old photo that still brings a smile to my face. I suppose you’ll need to judge for yourselves.

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