My 2018 Reading Goals

Happy 2018! Since it is only a few days into the new year, I thought this would be the perfect chance to set some reading goals. Every year I set a Goodreads reading goal (how many books I want to read in a year). I am happy to say that I always achieve my reading goals. However, in regards to my genre, I read (PNR), it can be quiet easy for me to reach my goal. So this year I am going to challenge myself further. I am going to set my goal for 40 books (like the last two years), but I am going to make sure I include the following:

  • Read 5 Witchy Books
  • Read 5 Self-Help (can include business, health and blogging)
  • Read 2 Travel Books
  • Read 2 Mystery books
  • Read 2 Popular Fiction Books
  • Read 2 General Fiction from a booksellers recommendation list
  • Read 2 Classics

If you have noticed, I have only set 20 book requirements. I have left the last 20 to my impulsive choosing. Which if I am honest with myself will be Paranormal Romance novels…

I would love any recommendations for the following categories above. It will make it much more interesting if I pick based on other peoples recommendations!

Let’s go 2018!


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