Pinehurst Resort: The Perfect Blend Of Past And Present

Pinehurst Resort – Back To The Future

While Pinehurst Resort will never let go of its rich history, and nor should they, it’s clear that the Resort has decided to start focusing on the future. Established in 1895, the resort has somehow managed to blend its past with the future, transforming itself into one of the most appealing golf destinations in the world.  And it’s only getting better!

Did We Catch A Niner In There?

Pinehurst has 9 courses, yes 9…well technically 10 (if you count The Cradle). That’s a whole lot of fun and variety to choose from as each course has its own unique story. The course with the best story to tell is far and away Pinehurst #2 but there are some other must-plays out here, including Pinehurst #8.

Donald Ross’s Masterpiece

In 2010, Coore & Crenshaw restored Pinehurst #2 back to its original Ross design. Pinehurst #2 delivers a spiritual golf experience from beginning to end (especially the end). You can spot Donald Ross’ old house on the 3rd hole and pay homage to the late, and great, Payne Stewart at the end of your round. What other courses can offer that?

Payne Stewart Statue All Hanse On Deck

If you don’t have a par-3 or short course these days, then your resort is simply not complete. Sometimes you just want to have a little fun, which is what golf course architect Gil Hanse created with the addition of The Cradle. You can play in under 1-hour and need only but a few wedges and a putter to rock The Cradle. The Cradle is also paired with the new and improved Thistle Dhu putting green. With this pairing, Pinehurst has created a hangout spot that doesn’t require lacing up the golf shoes for a 4.5 hour round (although one could spend that amount of time here). Kids even play for free when they’re teeing it up with an adult!

Time To Play The Cradle A Little Thistle Dhu Ya

The Thistle Dhu putting green has been completely revamped and expanded from its original design and has been stamped with the best centerpiece in golf, The Putter Boy. Grab your flat stick, load up on your favorite drink, and try your best not to 3-putt too many times.

Putter Boy & Thistle Dhu Putting Green FORE! (#4 That Is)

Now that Gil Hanse has rocked The Cradle and the Thistle Dhu, he’s now off to rock the restoration of Pinehurst #4. Once he is done here it’s pretty safe to say that Pinehurst #4 will fall right in line behind Pinehurst #2, with similar design elements. We can’t wait to see the end result, coming in the Fall of 2018!

Under Pressure

As if there wasn’t already enough pressure to finish your round on the famed 18th green at #2, Pinehurst introduces the “The Deuce”. This laid-back hangout spot is placed directly behind the 18th green in the shadows of Payne Stewart. Here you can not only watch but place bets on the groups finishing up their round in front of all to see. They also have some killer appetizers here to pair with your favorite beer or cocktail.

Note: If you happen to make a 2 on any of the holes at #2, make sure you tell one of the staffers at The Deuce to receive your prize!

What’s Brewing?

During your visit, you should take a stroll through the Village, a 5-minute walk from The Carolina Hotel. If you’re a golf history buff, swing by the Old Golf Shop to check out some golf memorabilia. In 2018, Pinehurst is turning an old steam plant into a pub and micro-brewery. The old steam plant played a critical role in the villages history and will be located within walking distance from all of the hotels. You’re missing out on the culture of Pinehurst if you don’t pay a visit to the Village.

Getting There

The closest airport is Raleigh, which is just over an hour from the entrance to The Carolina Hotel. Pinehurst does offer shuttle service from Raleigh, which is roughly $100 each way (per person). You can also opt for Charlotte, a 2-hour drive from the Resort. If your looking to avoid the hassles of dragging your clubs to the resort, Pinehurst is partnered with Ship Sticks, which offers door-to-door shipping services. Shipping your sticks can save you money on your car rental, time spent at baggage claim, and the headache of traveling with your 14 best friends. All in all, Pinehurst is a fairly easy place to get to.


Pinehurst gets pretty creative with their stay and play packages, making the value pretty high here.  March thru May is peak season, which puts your total costs around $1K per day all-in. To get the biggest bang for your buck, you may want to consider a summertime or early November visit when the rates dip down.

The Verdict

Pinehurst delivers a deadly combination of southern hospitality and world-class golf. Whether its a husband & wife trip, a father-son outing, or a trip with your buddies, Pinehurst really does cater to all. The quality of golf here is extremely strong and is only getting stronger with the restoration of Pinehurst #4, along with recent additions of The Cradle and Thistle Dhu. Pinehurst has truly become one of the more versatile resorts in the country in terms of appeal.

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