The Daughter by Lucy Dawson – Book Review

Oh My God!  Wow this book has it all, it was intense and had me gripped from the first page right through to the end.  I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat absolutely riveted and unable to put the book down. It was heartbreakingly sad and full of emotion, despair and fear.

What a story! When I say this book had it all, it was dark in places, had moments of joy, had deep dark secrets, mental health issues and a very clever cold bloodied killer. You will never in a million years guess the killer it was hidden so well.

The characters were so believable, every single one of them you could feel sorry for, cry with, laugh with and empathise with.

I loved this book, it was a great start to my 2018 reading list.  I highly recommend this book and give it a solid 5 stars.

Here is the publishers blurb:

Gripped me and didn’t let go until the wickedly twisted ending.’ Jenny Blackhurst, author of How I Lost You. A heartbreaking and unputdownable psychological thriller that will keep you guessing. Perfect for fans of Linda Green, K.L. Slater and Teresa Driscoll.

You lost your daughter. You will never forgive yourself. Now someone’s determined to make you pay… Seventeen years ago, something happened to Jess’s daughter Beth. The memory of it still makes her blood run cold. Jess has tried everything to make peace with that day, and the part she played in what happened. It was only a brief moment of desire… but she’ll pay for it with a lifetime of guilt.

To distance herself from the mistakes of the past, Jess has moved away and started over with her family. But when terrifying things begin happening in her new home, Jess knows that her past has finally caught up with her. Somebody feels Jess hasn’t paid enough, and is determined to make her suffer for the secrets she’s kept all these years.

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