Townspeople’s Perspectives of a Drowning Boy

It’s been almost two months since my last post, one in which I promised myself that I’d find more time to write. To be completely honest, I didn’t fulfill that promise to myself. While I did finish two short stories that will hopefully be published in the future, I haven’t written a single poem since the end of the summer. I’ve been so focused on improving my prose that I almost forgot what it felt like to write poetry.

While I haven’t written any yet this winter break, I did go back into the archives of my Google Drive and found a poem I wrote for a contest last year. It’s a historical persona poem inspired by a fascinating painting found in The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University. I imagined the perspectives of multiple characters in the scene and tried to tell a complete story. If you ever get the chance to see this painting in person, I highly recommend just spending a few minutes in front of it. I hope you enjoy “Townspeople’s Perspectives of a Drowning Boy.”

“The Accident” (1899) by William Geets

Until next time! || Emily



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