Who Could Ask For More! Part 23: The Walter Sebastian Saga

Look into faces around you … you never know what you may see. By Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee.



Written by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/aka Granny Gee

Walter Sebastian almost danced with glee as he walked toward the store … shore.  He could hear the people down below in the water now.  What a wonderful time they were having.  Walter Sebastian grinned.  Oh, what a beautiful day!

The sun was shining brightly … blue, blue sky … fluffy white clouds … seagulls flying overhead.  The only thing that bothered Walter was the happy sounds of the people down below the pier.  They were too damn happy.

Walter walked to just above the people … the dark shadow in the water was beginning to circle around.  Walter Sebastian looked down at a little girl just beneath him … she never saw him … no one saw him.  He let several drops of blood drip down into her hair.

No sooner than Walter Sebastian did that … the little girl was pulled beneath the water … silently.  Walter Sebastian stood watching … soon … soon, the action would begin.

Be damned if I didn’t forget my Coca-Cola and peanut butter crackers!  Son of a bitch!  Too late to run into the store for some.  Walter Sebastian stayed put … some people went to the movies for entertainment.  Walter made his own ‘movies’ happen … action and all.

A woman turned around … Walter could see fear on her face.  He thought she must be the little girl’s mother.  She began calling for her little girl.  Julie!  Julie!

No sooner than she called Julie’s name … the little girl’s body surfaced right next to the mother.  Her legs were gone … so was half her face.  The woman began screaming … people were running into the water to get to her.  Walter Sebastian loved that … the more people in the water … the merrier.

Walter Sebastian dripped the remaining contents of his vial into the water.  No one noticed the several black fins in the water … Walter felt intense excitement … all hell was gonna break loose!  This was what he lived for!

The sharks struck with such force.  People went flying through the air back into the water only to be grabbed by a shark.  Legs flew through the air, so did arms … and two heads.

Walter was awestruck at what he had caused … this was the best!  He heard people screaming … ‘shark! shark!’

He saw a man trying to crawl out of the water … one of his legs was missing.  He was grabbing at the sand to pull himself … when a shark came out of nowhere … grabbed him by his remaining leg.

The shark jerked the man around like he was a rag doll.  Terrible screams filled the air.  No one saw the man up above on the pier grinning.  No one saw the sharks as they pulled each person under the water one by one until … only a bloody shore remained.  Soon, that washed away as each wave came in.

Quietness filled the air … people stood in shock on the sand.  Walter watched them … this was one of the parts he loved.  The quietness after a disaster.  It never lasted long enough … people began crying for their loved ones.  Medical teams arrived to care for people … everything became noisy again … sirens, screaming … crying.

Walter watched until he became bored.  He walked through the store onto the pier that led to the shore.  Soon … he was on his way home.  He felt alive … this was what life was all about.

Walter Sebastian got home an hour before Grace did.  He had supper made for her … he even had one rose in a glass of water on the table.

Grace came in and exclaimed how homey, good the house smelled!  She felt loved very much when she saw Walter had cooked supper for the two of them.  Spaghetti and meatballs, French bread and butter … a beautiful salad … glasses of iced tea!  Who could ask for more!

To be continued …

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