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Who Let The Dork Out? (Dork Trilogy, #3) (2012)

by Sidin Vadukut(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 5
0143414097 (ISBN13: 9780143414094)
review 1: The best of the trilogy!The first book set the pace beautifully with a refreshingly different narrative and very Sidin-like humour. The second in the series underwhelmed with a predictable plot and a generally annoying central character.Sidin had quite a task on his hands when Dork 3 was to be written, and boy, does he meet it.The book follows the elements that made the series unique - Diary entries, first person, random Mallu entries, a clueless and cocky lead character - but eliminates the pitfalls of the second book (too many sub-plots, needless characters, typo errors). Dork 3, make no mistake, is a hilarious read, and a satisfying conclusion to the Dork trilogy. The story is superb, structured and is all paced around one thing - the 2010 Games which Robin's company is... more helping the government conduct - which makes it all seem cohesive.But to me what stood out from the book was the very subtle and powerful satire that Sidin makes, throughout the book. Like the politician who tried so very hard to get into Tihar Jail to advance his career (after realising how many powerful people were there and how much easier it was getting their time here than outside), or the names of the food served at Tihar's canteen (Anticipatory Bhel, Quattarocheese Pizza). Anyway, enough of this review. This is a fantastic read. You will laugh out loud, at least once.PS: Keep a Mallu friend handy to translate the random phrases that Robin breaks out into.
review 2: This book is excellent for someone like me , like him , who was born and brought up in the Middle eastern region with Kerala routes. He uses lots of Malayali slangs which is very unique and brings to it a comic timing without really trying. The book has its moments of hilariousness but the ending seemed like a typical bollywood ending. You must to understand. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a feel good casual read in the night after a long stressed out day. less
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In the same lines of the other Dork books. Has the same "Sidin tones"..!! A hilarious read...!
Brilliant in bits and pieces, but quite repetitive.
I liked the novel, kept me laughing at most times.
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