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Bad Day For Sorry: A Crime Novel (2011)

by Sophie Littlefield(Favorite Author)
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1427221189 (ISBN13: 9781427221186)
MacMillan Audio
Bad Day
review 1: Stella Hardesty dispatched her abusive husband with a wrench shortly before her fiftieth birthday. A few years later, she's so busy delivering home-style justice, helping other women deal with their own abusive husbands and boyfriends, that she's barely got time to run her sewing shop. Since Stella works outside of the law, she's free to do whatever it takes to be convincing--as long as she keeps her distance from the handsome devil of a local sheriff, Goat Jones.When young mother Chrissy Shaw asks Stella for help with her no-good, husband Roy Dean, it looks like just another standard job. But then Chrissy's two-year-old son is taken, and Stella finds herself up against a much more formidable enemy.'A Bad Day for Sorry' is Littlefield's critically acclaimed debut, kicking ... moreoff a bold and original new crime series. It was an Edgar Award finalist for Best First Novel and is shortlisted for Anthony, Barry, Crimespree, and Macavity Awards. It won an RT Book Award for Best First Mystery and has been named to lists of the year's best mystery debuts by the 'Chicago Sun-Times 'and 'South Florida Sun-Sentinel.'
review 2: 2 ½ stars. I don’t recommend it. She gets in trouble when she does stupid things.I loved the concept. Stella goes after men who abuse their wives. She beats them and tortures them so they will stop hurting women (spouses and ex-spouses). Stella runs a sewing/quilting shop. She goes after these guys as a side job for low or no pay. She started this after she killed her husband, hitting him in the head with a wrench. He had abused her for years. After that she began exercising and learned to use guns. She has no other training. She doesn’t want the police to know what she’s doing, so she keeps lots of secrets.This is the first book in a series.Plot: Chrissy’s baby is stolen. Chrissy thinks her ex-husband did it. The cops are looking for the baby and so is Stella. But everything Stella does is on the quiet. She doesn’t let the cops know what she learns. I had problems with that. Someone tells Stella that X has the baby and where X is living. Stella should tell the cops who would go there with guns and get the baby. But Stella does not do that because she thinks the baby might get hurt if the cops attack. She thinks she can do a better job of it. But she does NOT do a better job of it. What happens makes Stella look stupid. Three times Stella went somewhere with a gun. And each time the bad guys got the gun away from her and worse. She did not do smart things. But with some unexpected luck there is a happy ending.At times I was impatient with Stella’s internal ponderings. Is that good because I wanted to story to get going so I could see what would happen? Or is it bad because I didn’t want to listen to the pondering? Probably bad. In a good book I don’t even raise that question.AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR:The narrator Kym Dakin was good.DATA:Narrative mode: 3rd person. Unabridged audiobook length: 9 hrs and 2 mins. Swearing language: strong but not often used. Sexual content: none, other than mentioning that someone had sex with someone. Setting: current day rural Missouri. Book copyright: 2009. Genre: mystery suspense crime fiction. less
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Very funny, slightly twisted mystery! {Little bit of language in case you have tender ears.} :-)
what a good book! loved the ending and cant wait to start the others in the series!
Lively and interesting!
A funny book!
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