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Les Leçons Du Mal (2011)

by Thomas H. Cook(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
2020998971 (ISBN13: 9782020998970)
review 1: If I hadn't already read the author's "Chatham School Affair", I probably would have enjoyed this more. But the construction of the piece is so similar (even if the actual plot isn't). Both involve old men looking back on an incident that happened in their younger days. Both have a small town setting. Both have a school as the main focus of the action. And both have a long slow reveal. I thought that both books were beautifully written but my enjoyment of the second was diluted by its similarities to the first.
review 2: Oooooo--I loved this adult mystery!! I even had to go back and re-read portions of it to see where I was misled. That's my sign of a great book![return][return]Jack Branch is a teacher at the local high school, just like his father. Except his
... moredad suffers from depression which led to the "incident" (otherwise known as shooting himself in the head). Now the dad stays in his ailing plantation home and writes a biography of Lincoln. Jack is an interesting teacher--his favorite class is on evil in history and literature. Jack finds a student to "adopt" and tries to help Eddie, a student who is the son of the Coed Killer. So this is the story of Eddie and Jack, along with the other students in the class. The suspenseful novel doesn't end how you expect--so prepare to be shocked! less
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Something bad happened some time ago. Did the narrator see it, do it, survive it? Subtly creepy.
Another wonderful book by this author. I'm going to read everything I can by him.
Bought it by mistake & decided to read it anyway. Unrelievedly gloomy.
Southern Gothic, well written and it kept surprising me.
Highly recommended.
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