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Tres Cuentos: Un Recuerdo Navideño ; Una Navidad ; El Invitado Del Día De Acción De Gracias (1998)

by Truman Capote(Favorite Author)
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8433908820 (ISBN13: 9788433908827)
review 1: I must admit I am not one who general chooses short stories for reading materials but I was looking for a Christmas classic and I have never read Capote's work before. I found the stories entertaining especial the Thanksgiving visitor. Capote does well at transporting you to rural Alabama, evoking the scents and noises of the holidays. Yet I cannot say I was too enthralled with One Christmas as is did not have the happy theme that the other two did.
review 2: This is a perfect little book, with 3 stories of remembered Christmases and Thanksgiving, that illuminate Capote's early life in Monroeville, Alabama. He and his cousin/friend Sook, (she was 60, he was 8) were both misfits who made life bearable for each other. It has been a while since I read Capote, a
... morend I had forgotten what an artist he was with words. I think I'll pull this one off the shelf every year at the holidays, just to be reminded of a simpler time, and the beauty of Miss Sook's spirit. less
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I respect Capote's writing, but these stories were too sentimental for my liking.
beautifully written. It gave me another view into Truman Capote.
"Now go to sleep. Count stars. Think of the quietest thing."
Have to read this little book every Christmas.
Always a holiday favorite!
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