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Les Amants égarés (Milady Romance) (2012)

by Victoria Dahl(Favorite Author)
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Milady Romance
review 1: I usually love this author's books, but not always. This one kinda fell flat for me. The villains were too over the top. The ending was too drawn out and left the heroine hanging for too long. I appreciated the sentiment/logic behind it and all, but it still squashed the HEA for me. Maybe an epilogue would've helped? More indication that the hero ever thought of the heroine during the intervening years might have helped too?? There was plenty of reasons behind why it ended the way it did and I suspect that I just don't like the ultimate premise of the story.
review 2: I finished this book last Monday, and I think I've decided that I liked it, but I had to overcome some reservations in order to reach that conclusion. I do recommend it as an interesting and some
... morewhat edgy romance novel (that's an unusual word combination right there... when was the last time 'edgy' was associated with the romance genre?), but it's fairly intense and probably wouldn't suit everyone. I enjoy it when romance authors push the envelope with their characters and give them real problems to deal with. Dahl did that with both of her characters, particularly Lancaster, the male character. Part of the fun of the book is slowly uncovering all his issues (I felt like a total voyeur when I was reading this book, but it was very interesting to put together the puzzle of his behavior with the knowledge of what caused it), so I won't go into any of that. Suffice it to say that both characters are lugging around a metric-ton of baggage, yet the writing doesn't suffer from all of that emotional weight. The characters are well-written and their choices and actions make sense given their experiences.Anyway, the only problem I had with the book was the sex scenes. I get it: if you have characters who have both suffered sexual trauma of some sort, you're going to end up with somewhat messed-up sex scenes. They make perfect sense, but that doesn't mean that I enjoyed reading them. less
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Where *do* all these mediocre authors come from?
Pretty good. Nice pace a quick HEA.
Review to come.
4.25 out of 5
3.5 stars
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